What to Do When You’re Disappointed in Your Parenting

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What to Do When You’re Disappointed in Your Parenting
For the past year, my parenting strategies have been especially challenged. This is one of the main reasons why I launched the Parenting Resolution Series… because I wanted to do better. My youngest daughter (Little H) is spirited. I spend my days …
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Parenting a difficult child — Part 1
SALT LAKE CITY — In this series of LIFEadvice articles, Coach Kim gives insights on understanding your child and building relationships of trust and love. I have a son who is a very difficult child, and I really struggle to get along with him. That’s …
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4 Goals to Pursue in Parenting
Near the end of Colossians 3 God speaks his will to people who play a role in six different relationships; Wives, husbands, children, fathers, bondservants, and masters. Only to fathers does God NOT speak a positive command. He simply says, “Fathers, do …
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